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What i want in life 💚
What i want in life 💚


Thank God For all that he has done, Pray 🙏, Worship & Praise God 👐💕,Meditate on the word of God well doing yoga, obey Gods word, learn to play violin 🎻, exercise, take hot bubble baths & sleep in the tub, be & feel Beautiful, eat healthy 🍎, Learn to do hair very Good 💇, stretch every morning,…


Truth is : its not your fault, I shouldn’t have come looking for true love in your direction. I was such a fool trying to receive something you couldn’t give because you didn’t have. Even after you told me u didn’t have feeling for me , I didn’t take No for an answer. I still came seeking after you trying too receive love and acceptance. You told me you loved me. How sweet were your words to my ears, sweeter than honey to my mouth. You told me exactly what I wanted to hear & I believed you .Knowing you had girls on the side As I was Willing to share you “What a Fool” You used me into you had enough. the same night you told me you love me you stop speaking to me. Didn’t tell me way or nothing just never text back or anything. I was so hurt  I remember crying, I actually believe you loved me. And I don’t even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough
No you didn’t have to stoop so low Now you’re just somebody that I used to know


This! I try to teach my students that there’s more to this world than material things. We can’t take them with us when our time is up and they’re only as valuable as we make them. Instead. .. What type of legacy will you leave behind? How did you serve the human race during your time on earth? Selfishly or Selflessly - @shabbysista #repost from @candijanoki